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199 Uk Web design frequently asked questions

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Here at 199 Uk Web design, we have tried our best not to use jargon. But we understand not everyone knows the basics. Hopefully this will answer any of your questions.

Are there really no hidden fees?
NO! none at all, although there will be an annual fee for your domain and hosting of just £50.

How long will it take?
Depending on work load, normal turn around is about 7-10 days.

Can i have more pages? email addresses?
Yes of course you can, .Let us know exactly what you need.

What’s the domain name?
a domain name is the address of your website.  www.yoursitedomain.com

Web Hosting?
The web host is where all the files of your website are stored.

Personal emails?
As part of the 199 package you get 1-3 email accounts / forwarders which mean you can have up to three different you@yoursite.com addresses. These can be forwarded to an existing account or kept completely separate

Search engine submission?
Included in the price is basic search engine submission. We will let the major search engines know your new website exists. Search engines included : google | msn | yahooQuality Cheap UK Web Design

Can I add my own content?
yes if you want to take advantage of our self service, content management system. You will have complete control over the content, adding removing and updating as often as you want

What is HTML?  
Hyper Text Manipulation Language is the code used to create all web pages.

So what’s XHTML?
XML is a markup language where everything has to be marked up correctly, which results in "well-formed" documents.  By coding in XHTML we can make your site accessible from almost any browser. From mobiles / blackberries / and all web browsers
Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional

At the low cost of just £199 you get Cheap Affordable Uk Web Design made simple. Without losing out on the quality.

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